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» My mom's hot friend Mishka Lee just needed a massage

I was just getting finished in the gym that my mom called me on my mobile phone she was very stressed she told me she is very busy and I had to go pick up her friend from airport. Although I was very busy myself, when I remembered who she was I just wanted to go see her, her name was Jenna, she was my mom's best friend the difference was Jenna used to be a hot cheerleader in college and then after that she was an easy girl who slept around with all the frats she was a constant member all the college fuck fests and most orgies she used to do threesomes on a weekly basis, to put it simply it was nearly impossible to summarize her sexual experiences in one page she was a true slut! now after all these years she was hot cougar a perfect milf ready to be wined and dined!

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So I put on my best cloths and perfume and brush my tooth 2 times and drove to the airport well I hadn't seen Jenna in quite a while but I knew I was supposed to look for a 40 year old milf with short skirt and low cut top and high heels that show her pedicure toes, and then all of a sudden I felt someone's soft lips on my cheek it was Jenna she caught me from the back and she had her sexy smile again, she looked amazing better than ever. And she had the best tan, perfect cleavage which showed the quality of her boob job. She said lets go to the car I am so tired and my neck is killing me, when we got to the car she started rubbing her neck and complaining about the pain, and then I told her I can give her a massage!

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She looked at me and then she said why not, I told her she needs to take her top off first otherwise it is nearly impossible to do it , she looked at me with sin in her eyes and said you are not trying to get me naked and fuck me in the car are you? I looked at her and said, I wouldn't do things you don't want me to do to you, she said well you know I am a hot milf am I not ? and then she took her top off and she was wearing no bra at all!

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Before I can say anything she grabbed my penis pulled my zipper down and got my hard dick out, in less than 5 second my penis was in her cute mouth and she was giving the best head ever she put her tongue half way out and then licked the tip of my penis while playing with my balls she started biting the tip of my cock and telling me she wants me to cum into her mouth and I did I dumped all my hot load of sperm in her milf mouth and then she just swallowed it in one go! Well now I now a 40 year old milf just needs massage and good load of cum in her mouth

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» How I got my friends hot mom Margo Sullivan into bed

Well since I was a little kid, me and mike used to hang out in Mike's apartment . As I hit puberty I noticed his mom, she used to wear all this sexy and strange red and black lingerie under her thin silk dress and whenever she used to stand in the door way the wind would move her cloths and give us a perfect upskirt view. Although she was a mature woman and maybe a 40 something years old woman, she was as foxy as a college teenager or a naughty secretary who just started her job and is trying to be a sexy employee!

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So she became my first sexy fantasy, so I always tried to find a reason to go to their place and try to hang out there so I can see her, as I was a often at their place his mom was very used to my presence there so whenever she used to take a shower she would just come out of shower with a towel around her body which barley covered her big bust boobs which were winking at me. She had the nicest legs and used to wear high heels and sandals with hot straps! After taking a wet steamy shower she used to come and sit on the couch and start painting her sexy toes she would put her foot up on the table and start working on them with a lot of care and sensitivity. That was, where I could easily see her camel toe, she had most beautiful vagina it was the best pussy ever and it always was wet which suggested to me that she is very horny!

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So one day knowingly that mike is out of the country I went to their house and buzzed the door bell and she told me mike is in brazil and I tried to act surprised and told her we were supposed to go pick up girls that afternoon I even told her we were supposed to go to some strip clubs and see some exotic dancing, and then she suggested that I go in for a little drink which I being a horny teenager agreed before she could finish her invitation. While she was pouring me some orange juice she accidentally spilled it on her dress, which made me see her nipples through her tight shirt!

She said she needs to change her cloths and went to the bedroom at that moment I just imagined her getting naked in the bedroom it was the best thought ever a 40 year old woman getting naked and fully nude just some meters away from me it was as if I was in playboy movie I just got up and went to the bedroom I knocked on the door and said I want to come in, she said wait let me put some cloths on, I said no I want to see you all naked.

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I was expecting her to slap me across the face but she opened the door she had a long rob on and then she opened it and there she was all nude under the rob her tan body and beautifully shaved vagina was winking at me there I was standing in front of a Perfect milf a cougar in heat who wanted me for wild sex she pulled me with her into bed and started kissing me on the neck and then she quickly moved down to my cock and gave me the best blowjob I ever had in my life she started licking my balls and at the same time stroking her own vagina and masturbating. then in a very embarrassing moment I came allover her face! My cum was on her face and she just started swallowing my sperm!

We took a shower together and I can say it was the best damn day of my life. She was one my first sex teachers!

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» Real tips for getting MILFs and Cougers into bed!

Okay I know you are anxious to know how you can get the busty neighbor MILF or the hot cougar secretary at work into bed. But wait, you need to learn first then act. I had my first MILF at age 15 and I owe all that to the dating advice I got from my friend Mike whenever we used to hang out at Mikes apartment he used to tell me about the many VIP parties and cum fiestas he has been and how to become a real MILF hunter!

Now I want to teach all that to you. But one important thing is you have to follow them one by one and do exactly what I say! Otherwise you will fail! And failing means you will never get to taste the tasty MILF's cunt juice or touch a cougar's cameltoe ever again !

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Through flirting for all this years with the 40 years old MILF next door and banging all my older sisters hot friends and my friend's hot mothers I have learned a lot of new tricks and ways to get all this hot ass into bed.

Today I am going to begin with the lesson 1 read through it practice it and when you are ready come back here and read the next one, remember do not read the next section before this one!

Lesson 1: a MILF has experience and wants experience

Okay what is a MILF? A horny and sexy 40 years old mature woman who is looking for some wild action with a boy toy, a MILF has had all sorts of men before you, so she knows all the moves and if you make the smallest mistake she will know it! So you have to be prepared very well prepared!

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You have to know all the latest moves, you have to be able to perform all the latest moves that is out there. You might ask where can I learn all that? I barely have sex with a young women, well fear not that is why there is porn! As before I will add a lot of free porn here from the websites that actually perform the latest moves. You have to find these videos or pictures sets and then watch them over and over to learn the methods remember you have to only watch the real ones otherwise you will think you have learned something but in reality you have not! But don't worry I will make good suggestions for you.

You have to make sure you know all the methods for licking the pussy perfectly remember licking the pussy is your gateway to real hot steamy intercourse a good fucking needs a good pussy licking, if you want to bang her for one more time, you have to know how to play with her clitoris perfectly and make her cum twice or more while you are licking her wet snatch. You have to make sure squirts after you make her cum, she has to shake and vibrate like you have never seen before.

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There are different ways of licking a 40 years old MILF vagina and even more different ways for shaved, bushy or trimmed pussy and I will talk to you about that in later lessons but for now you have to focus on learning the new moves and hot to lick her vagina in the correct way.

You have to make sure you do not cum fast you have to stay hard for a very long time you have to make her beg for you to cum, and you might say you mostly cum after 1 minutes of masturbation, how do I do it? Well your answer is “good porn”! I have collected the best possible educational porn here for you, watch them get used to them so you don't cum fast!!

Remember a 40 years old MILF is like a 40 years old wine! It is very delicate and delicious when you drink its juice right.

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» How to pick up a 40 Years Old cute and sexy MILF

While growing up I used to always get a hard one for my friends hot 40 years old mom, his ihot sexy mother was so good looking that all the guys in the high school used to masturbate to her big busty tits when ever she came to school with that low cut top and very short dress which showed her nice long ready legs. She was one of those Horney secretary type women who used to seduce the boss and everyone else with a big dick to just get her way.

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Anyway, One thing that always made me astonished was her big perky oily boobs, how did she kept them so sexy and pointing all this years I can never know really she was just a goddess. I used to always dream about her vagina, I really wanted to know if she had a full bush or a shaved vagina or she had a landing strip but whatever she had I wanted to get into her cougar snatch! She was a cougar in heat really! So I told myself when I grow up and become a stud a big bulky sexy guy with a big dick, I am going to date a Milf take her out wine and dine her and then bring her back to my place to bang her like she deserves.

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So I started to pick up MILFs at the beach. I would go to the beach and look through all the naked boobs and tits there. Living in Miami it is easy to just go to the beach and find nude women with bikini tan lines lying on the beach with their perky breasts looking ready for a stud to chat them up and take them back to his hotel.

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Through doing this I found some new information that you might be interested if you want to have sex with MILFs. Okay a Milf wants you to take control, take her home and just throw her on the bed take your cock out and put it into her mouth. A milf loves it when you cum on her face a Milf wants you to cum on her face, tit fuck her and then turn her over and fuck her analy.

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I know you are Horney now but keep it cool it is important for you to first watch a lot of MILF porn so you don't cum quickly and can prolong your orgasm, a MILF loves a long lasting guy. For that reason I am going to give you some free samples from a good website that I am a member of, I think they are the best in exclusive MILF porn and believe me you need some MILF porn before touching the real thing!

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